Advanced Cardiac Ultrasound (FATE)




FATE is the original focused cardiac ultrasound protocol practiced since 1989!

The Advanced Cardiac Ultrasound (FATE) e-course is the next step after you have become familiar with focused cardiac ultrasound at basic level.

This e-course is unique as it can be added as the next level to any other basic cardiac ultrasound concepts (Focus, FICE, Heartscan, Race ect.)

The objectives for the Advanced Cardiac Ultrasound (FATE) e-course is to provide the participants with advanced echocardiographic skills (comprehensive imaging and Doppler echocardiography) for the non-cardiologist in order to perform cardiopulmonary evaluation and optimising.

After completing this e-course:
· You have learned the normal sonographic features of the heart and pleura
· You have learned to obtain all cardiac views from the 4 windows
· You are familiar with Doppler theory
· You are familiar with machine setting necessary to apply Doppler ultrasound
· You have learned to estimate pressures using continuous wave Doppler
· You have learned to estimate cardiac output using pulsed wave Doppler
· You have learned the basic terms in order to evaluate the diastolic function using pulsed wave and tissue Doppler
· You have the fundamental Doppler echocardiographic skill to handle patients with more advanced pathology

This e-course is a prerequisite for attending a USabcd hands-on Advanced Cardiac Ultrasound (FATE) workshop.