About us

We believe in empowering you with the knowledge of point-of-care ultrasound in clinical practice so you can improve your diagnosis and patient treatment in critical, emergency and perioperative care.

USabcd was founded in 2010 by Erik Sloth, MD., Ph.D., DMSc., Professor of Point-Of-Care Ultrasound, Lars Knudsen, MD, Ph.D. and Prof. Thomas Fichtner Bendtsen, MD, PhD, research anaesthesiologist – all from Aarhus University Hospital.

The vision is the global dissemination of point-of-care ultrasound as a universal tool to improve the quality of acute, critical and perioperative patient care.

This is achieved through the unique USabcd learning concept which combines e-learning with focused, structured, and comprehensive 1-day workshops of hands-on training for maximum learning outcome. Courses based on this concept are now run all over the world. Select Workshops in the top menu for courses near you.

The concept of the POCUS e-learning resource is to provide theoretical knowledge in order to prepare for hands-on focused training workshops. The goal is acquisition of competency and high-performance practical skills standing on a solid base of theory. The virtue of online e-learning compared to traditional lectures and class room teaching is that it can be studied anywhere and anytime.

By eliminating on-site lectures and theory classes, the costly on-site time can be reduced or more time can be dedicated to focused hands-on training. It saves on-site hours and workshop expenses for instructors and models. It reduces time away from the hospital and travel expenses. Online e-learning facilitates that hands-on training can focus on learning practical skills as everybody already shares a common reference of knowledge and terminology.

The day after attending a Basic Cardiac Ultrasound (FATE) course, Dr. Pia Ryhammer of Aarhus University Hospital made a quick and correct diagnosis of critical pericardial effusion in a heart surgery patient who survived after ultrasound guided pericardiocentesis with removal of half a liter of blood.

This true story illustrates what sets the USabcd learning concept apart from traditional training methods. When the theory has been studied in advance as e-learning, the hands-on workshops can focus 100% on actual scanning skills that will enable you to go home and save lives.