In-hospital training

Set up your own customized ultrasound training programs

With USabcd’s training system in clinical ultrasound, it has become even easier to start an ultrasound training program for the doctors and residents in your department. 
You can avoid the hassle of collecting all the presentation materials yourself, getting text and images ready, finding links to online resources and examples of pathological conditions, etc. You can also avoid sending out materials to the delegates and having to follow up with each individual on how far they have come with the preparations. 
We have put together a series of e-courses on our user-friendly platform. The e-courses are systematically structured with text, images, videos and quizzes as well as a final quiz that tests the learner’s knowledge so you know if they have understood the theory and are ready for the hands-on training. The learner handles his/her own registration and by using an enrolment code they get access to the e-courses you have selected. You can use your own email lists and you can let a secretary/course leader etc. be responsible for the registrations. You can also choose to invite students individually from your account dashboard, if you prefer to enrol just a few people each time.
As soon as a learner has registered, you can follow their progression from your account whenever you want. When they have completed and passed their test, you will be notified so that you know that they are now ready and have the theoretical foundation necessary for them to get the most out of the hands-on training. 
You can order just one e-course or a whole package depending on your local requirements. Discounts are available for larger groups.
If you are interested in getting started, please contact Anja Musiat at [email protected].