Advanced US Guided Regional Anesthesia



Advanced ultrasound guided nerve blocks for analgesia of the neck & shoulder, upper & lower limb, and the trunk.

The advanced curriculum is for a specialist anesthetist who works with USG regional anesthesia on a daily basis and performs the basic ultrasound guided nerve blocks routinely and who wants to master a more comprehensive armamentarium of blocks.

All advanced ultrasound guided nerve blocks are also performed using ultrasound guided nerve localisation, a high-frequency linear probe, in-plane needle approach, and short-axis target nerve visualisation.

Blocks included:

Superficial cervical plexus block

Deep cervical plexus block

Axillary nerve block

Suprascapular nerve block (neck & fossa supraspinatus)

Thoracic longus nerve block

Intercostobrachial nerve block

Median nerve block elbow/wrist

Ulnar nerve block elbow/wrist

Radial nerve block midhumeral/elbow

Musculocutaneous nerve block

Intercostal nerve block

Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve block

Obturator nerve blocks

Genitofemoral nerve block

Posterior femoral cutaneous nerve block

Ankle block

PECS blocks

Serratus plane block

Fascia transversalis plane block

Rectus sheath block

Fascia iliaca compartment block

Caudal block

Thoracic paravertebral block

Quadratus lumborum block

The Advanced Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks e-learning course is a prerequisite for attending a USabcd hands-on Advanced Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks workshop.