Focused Cardiac Ultrasound (Basic FATE)


Online course in basic focused cardiac ultrasound useful for all healthcare professionals dealing with hemodynamic problems in their daily clinic.


The Focused Cardiac Ultrasound (Basic FATE) online course gives you the basic echocardiographic skills in order to perform cardiopulmonary evaluation and optimising.

You will learn about:

  • The normal sonographic features of the heart and pleura
  • How to obtain the 6 basic FATE views including inferior vena cava and pleura
  • Eye-balling of the right and left ventricular function
  • M-mode for assessment of cardiac dimensions and function
  • How to recognize the most important pathology
  • How to use the echocardiographic findings in the clinical context

These basic echocardiographic skills are useful for physicians who are not specialists of cardiology, e.g. anaesthesiologists, intensivists, emergency physicians, internal medicine physicians, surgeons, general practitioners. In fact, all healthcare professionals dealing with hemodynamic problems in their daily clinic.

Patient benefits

Your patients will benefit from your new knowledge because FATE:

  • Is quick and easy to perform
  • can be performed in the sitting position and in any location
  • Is applicable in all clinical scenarios, e.g. pre- peri- and post-operatively, in intensive care, emergencies, resuscitation and so on.

Hands-on training

After completing the e-course you are ready to start getting experience in using the ultrasound machine and

The Focused Cardiac Ultrasound (Basic FATE) e-course is mandatory if you are going to attend a USabcd hands-on Basic FATE workshop. See our workshop calendar.

The British Intensive Care Society hasĀ  FICE approved the FATE protocol. Likewise, the FATE e-course covers the entire FOCUS curriculum. In other words, you can use the Focused Cardiac Ultrasound (Basic FATE) e-course as preparation for FICE, FOCUS and any other Point of Care cardiac ultrasound courses as it covers all learning objectives.

The author

The author of the course is Prof. Erik Sloth, who invented the original focused cardiac ultrasound protocol practiced since 1989 (FATE = Focus Assessed Transthoracic Echocardiography).

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This e-course is built on the foundation of this article.

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