How to register with a registration code

Registrations codes are sent out for USabcd courses that have been organized by e.g. a hospital department.

Before you register for a course you need to create an account on

You can then log in to your account and start registering. Just follow this simple guide:


1) Click on the blue button "Proceed to E-learning and courses" in the top right corner.


3) Click on the "Optional registration" tab.

4) Enter the registration code and click on "Submit code".

5) Verify that the proper course is shown and click on the button "Register course and associated E-learning".

6) Enter your hospital details, job function and level of experience:

7) Click on the tab "Active E-learning courses" and check that the registered E-learning appears in the overview.

You have now completed your registration, and you are ready to get started.

Click on no. 1 to start the pre-test.


Enjoy the course! 

The USabcd Team