Why should I take a pretest?

Before you start on the e-learning you have to complete a pretest. When you have completed the programme, you are requested to go through a posttest. So why two tests?

We use pretesting to help you begin to focus on the key topics that will be covered, and to give you a preview of what will be expected of you. The test also indicates how well you know the material, before you enter the e-learning programme.

You should perform the test without any help. Just give it your best shot and never use more than max. one minute per question. All the topics in the pretest will be explained in detail in the e-learning programme. The pretest can only be performed once and we recommend that you complete the pretest in one single session. However, at any time during the pretest you can take a break by logging out from “My page”. When you return, the programme will resume where you left off. 

Both the pretest and the posttest are used by USabcd to monitor the quality and effect of the e-learning programmes and allow us to keep improving the material.

To learn more about pretesting, read Benedict Carey’s article in the New York Times "Why Flunking Exams Is Actually a Good Thing". It explains many of the benefits of using pretests as an element in a learning process. 

Good luck with your pretest!

The USabcd Team