Introduction to ABC Ultrasound

Primary target group: undergraduate/medical students

Clinical ultrasound has evolved into a pervasive and universal tool facilitating increased success, quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness of all kinds of clinical diagnostic and interventional procedures.

Ultrasound ought to be applied wherever the diagnostic and interventional clinical procedures can be improved for the benefit of the patients.

Securing proficiency of the application of clinical ultrasound mandates educational resources, training, and certification developed by and anchored in recognized institutions and societies.

The course endows the attendee with the essential understanding of ultrasound physics in order to succeed with practical application of clinical ultrasound while avoiding the pitfalls.

The learning objectives are knowledge of the basic principles of:

  • wave physics and acoustic physics
  • ultrasound and medical ultrasound 
  • the ultrasound system
  • the system controlled ultrasound imaging
  • the user controlled ultrasound imaging
  • the ultrasound imaging artefacts
  • patient safety

And an introduction to:

  • Basic lung ultrasound
  • Basic cardiac ultrasound (FATE - "Focus Assessed Transthoracic Echocardiography")
  • FAST ("Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma")
  • Ultrasound for peropheral vascular access

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