PICEU Foundation ( South East Asia )

Perioperative and Intensive Care Echocardiography and Ultrasonography ( PICEU ) Foundation

Perioperative and Intensive Care Echocardiography and Ultrasonography (PICEU) foundation is initiated by a group of doctors motivated to develop a training foundation in the field of preoperative Ultrasound. Even though these doctors are professionally active in different parts of the world, they carry same motivation. After achieving advanced skills in the perioperative echocardiography, these doctors aspire to use their skills not only for clinical support but also to share it with their fellow colleagues. They have strong intentions to establish and maintain association with overseas training organizations so that they can keep on helping their fellow colleagues on the Indian subcontinent to achieve advanced skills & overseas qualifications by making these training programs available at their doorstep.

PICEU Foundation is conceptually associated with USabcd A/S developed by Prof.Sloth and his team right from its inception. It is facilitating effective implementation of  USabcd programs along with their own academic activities in the Indian subcontinent.