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FATE is the original focused echo protocol developed by Professor Ph.D. MDSc Erik Sloth, and practiced since 1989. It is a simple and effective roadmap to interpret echocardiographic findings in a clinical context. FATE is easy to learn and quickly performed and can be applied in all possible clinical scenarios pre- and inhospitally, perioperatively, and in intensive care or emergency settings. The patient can be supine or in the sitting position. All essential information including a quick guidance to interpret the echocardiographic findings is printed on a double-sided laminated pocket card, now also available as an App for I-phone and Android.

FATE courses have been run on a regular basis since 1996 with continuous adjustments making the FATE courses the most effective focused cardiac ultrasound course concept available. The objective is to provide basic and advanced echocardiographic skills for physicians who are not cardiology specialists in order to guide successfully cardiopulmonary optimization. All theory is based on on-line interactive e-learning which must be completed prior to the comprehensive and very structured one day hands-on course.

In 2012 The British Intensive Care Society has endorsed the USabcd basic FATE certificate as standard requirement of proficiency in focused echocardiography in UK.

Here on our website basic and advanced FATE courses are offered in different venues around the world. Ultrasound pioneers are invited to become USabcd partners and set up courses in various venues with a partial or complete USabcd course programme.

The two levels are basic and advanced FATE:

  • Basic FATE is two-dimensional and M-mode imaging of the most basic cardiac views. When you have gone through with this course you will be able to perform a focused cardiac assessment as a supplement to the standard clinical evaluation. You can practice your new FATE skills in anybody and anywhere. You can apply the FATE protocol with a multitude of different ultrasound systems from stationary high-end to the handy and mobile V-Scan.
  • Advanced FATE is basic FATE extended with advanced cardiac views and Doppler ultrasound for assessment of cardiac output, pressure estimation and left ventricular diastolic function.

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