Essential Emergency Ultrasonography for all doctors


Essential Emergency Ultrasonography for all doctors is an in-hospital training solution that combines e-learning with the teaching materials to run the course in your own hospital. It is relevant for all physicians taking care of patients with potentially life-threatening and time-critical conditions.

The concept is focused ultrasonography. Compared to protocolized ultrasonography, it represents a paradigm shift as it applies specific parts of the systematic ultrasonography examinations to solve specific clinical issues. Only the necessary examinations are performed - and they depend on you and the clinical questions you ask regarding your patient.

- You do not have to stick to a specific protocol
- Ask a question
- If you can answer it with ultrasonography, pick up the ultrasound transducer
- When the question is answered, put down the transducer and take care of the patient
Topics covered in the e-learning and hands-on workshop: 
- Is pericardial fluid collection present?
- Is the left ventricular function reduced?
- Are signs of pulmonary embolism present?
- Are signs of ascending aortic dissection present?
- Can pneumothorax be confirmed or excluded?
- Are signs of pulmonary edema present or can pulmonary edema be excluded?
- Can pleural fluid be confirmed or excluded?
- Is an abdominal aortic aneurism present?
- Is free intraperitoneal fluid visible?

Essential Emergency Ultrasonography

E-learning for participants 

Price: €67 per participant

Suggested time for e-learning: 3-4 hours



Would you like to teach Essential Emergency Ultrasonography to others?

You can book an instructor through USabcd or get started on your own with the Train-the-Trainer package.


The Train-the-Trainer package includes the following:

1) E-learning module for Trainers - shows you how to teach the workshop

2) Written workshop descriptions

3) PowerPoint presentation for workshop introduction

4) Checklists for each hands-on session

5) Brief guides for the course director, chief instructor, supervisors and volunteer models

6) Ultrasonography pathology and clinical cases for use on a tablet

Price: €250 (5 participants included)


Workshop options:

1) The classical one - a regular one-day course
E-learning, obtaining the views session, answering clinical questions session, case training session

2) The evening course - a 5 hour course
E-learning, combined obtaining the views and answering clinical questions session, short case training session

3) The classical one adapted to individual needs
E.g. Essential Emergency supplemented with peripheral ultrasound guided vascular access


Please contact us to find out how to learn Essential Emergency Ultrasonography in your emergency department.