US Guided Regional Anesthesia

Advanced US Guided Regional Anesthesia

Advanced ultrasound guided nerve blocks for analgesia of the neck & shoulder, upper & lower limb, and the trunk.

The advanced curriculum is for a specialist anesthetist who works with USG regional anesthesia on a daily basis and performs the basic ultrasound guided nerve blocks routinely and who wants to master a more comprehensive armamentarium of blocks.

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Basic US Guided Regional Anesthesia

Basic Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia (UGRA) comprises a selection of easily learned and safe peripheral nerve blocks allowing effective perioperative analgesia for the majority of surgical procedures involving the upper and lower limbs and the anterolateral abdominal wall. 

Learning objectives:

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Expert US Guided Regional Anesthesia

Ultrasound guided nerve, plexus, ganglion, and neuraxial blocks for expert level analgesia of the neck and shoulder, trunk, pelvic floor and perineum, and lower limb.

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