Basic Perioperative TEE


TEE has become an evolving and indispensable tool in the diagnose, hemodynamic assessment, monitoring and optimization of cardiovascular diseases.

This e-learning module is primarily dedicated to the thorax anesthesiologists, thorax surgeons and cardiologists, who have little or no experience in TEE, to help them get acquainted with the ''cardiac patients'' in the operating room, ICU or in the emergency room.

The program is built and organized in a structured and gradual manner to ensure understanding and familiarization with the terminology used in TEE, and with the relation between the anatomical structures and the TEE views.

During the e-learning, some information will intentionally be repeated in order to facilitate the learning process.

The learning objective is to provide the necessary knowledge to:

• Understand the basic principles of ultrasound

• Perform a rapid and efficient TEE examination

• Assess the anatomy of the entire heart

• Perform a basic evaluation and measurements of the function of both ventricles and of the heart valves

• Identify obvious forms of pathology of the myocardium, the heart valves, the pericardium and of the thoracic aorta

• Make a fast and correct diagnosis the operating room, ICU and in the emergency room


The time required to read the entire material is about 15 hours.

Good luck and enjoy it!


The e-learning is a pre-requisite for the hands-on TEE workshop which will cover highlights, discussions, hands-on training, TEE simulation and heart dissection. Check the Calendar for upcoming Basic Perioperative TEE courses.

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