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 Transverse midline scan over the thyroid cartilage

In airway ultrasonography the concept is focused ultrasonography. Compared to protocolized ultrasonography, it represents a paradigm shift as it applies specific parts of the systematic ultrasonography examination to solve specific clinical questions.

You do not have to comply with an invariable protocol and only the necessary examinations are performed:

- Ask a question
- Use ultrasonography to answer it, if feasible
- Stop the ultrasound examination, when the focused question is answered

These are the focused questions that airway ultrasonography can help you answer:

- What is the localization of the cricothyroid membrane?
- What is the localization of the tracheal rings?
- Is the endotracheal tube incorrectly placed inside the esophagus?

This free "Airway Ultrasonography" elearning program addresses ultrasound guided management of the upper airway. Proficiency of ultrasound guided management of the upper and lower airway requires an understanding of the combined theory described in the following four e-courses:

- Basic Ultrasound Physics
- Airway Ultrasonography
- Basic Lung Ultrasound
- Ultrasound Guided Assessment of Gastric Content

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