Advanced Regional Anesthesia


Advanced Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia is for the specialist anaesthetist who wants to master a more comprehensive armamentarium of USG nerve blocks. The focus is on ultrasound, in-plane technique with a linear transducer and single shot nerve blocks.

Theory in the form of interactive e-learning is provided prior to the course. The focused 1-day hands-on workshop is 100% dedicated to practice training.

A typical workshop program includes these blocks:
Neck & shoulder
Cervical plexus block
Axillary & suprascapular nerve blocks Dorsal scapular/long thoracic nerve blocks Intercostobrachial nerve block

Upper trunk
PECS I & II blocks
Serratus plane block
Thoracic paravertebral block

Lower trunk & pelvis
Quadratus lumborum block
Fascia transversalis plane block
Rectus sheath block
Fascia iliaca compartment block
Caudal block

Upper limb
Median nerve block elbow/wrist
Ulnar nerve block elbow/wrist
Radial nerve block midhumeral/elbow
Musculocutaneous nerve block

Lower limb
Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve block
Obturator nerve block
Genitofemoral nerve block
Posterior femoral cutaneous nerve block
Ankle block


A certificate is issued after the course.

Precourse qualifications
Previous participance on a USabcd Basic Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia course or similar is required.

Next course?
Check our calendar to see when the next Advanced Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia courses are happening.